Church and Community Involvement

To promote the full mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in particular Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Monroeville, PA1 through local, national, and worldwide involvement. In addition, to act as a liaison between the Session and Board of Deacons on mission projects.

The committee meets regularly and is composed of elders, deacons, trustees, and at large members of the congregation. On behalf of the congregation we distribute specific directed gifts through seasonal offerings, specifically, The Blanket Fund, The Christmas Joy Offering, The Lazarus Fund, and One Great Hour of Sharing. CCI also disburses monies collected to a variety of organizations important to the congregation, Pittsburgh Presbytery, and the PCUSA. In addition to organizations, for the past several years CCI has sponsored missional minded individuals with scholarships on mission to the USA, mission abroad, and to NWMC, one of the oldest mission conferences in the world, to learn more about mission. The logo represents this action of the holy spirit in our lives as Christians and our call to service.

In addition to disbursements, the goal of CCI is to increase awareness to provide clarity to the congregation as well as opportunities for congregational involvement in a variety of areas. To achieve this, we
—//**—**//aid in getting speakers for our Sunday Adult Education program FaithWorks,
—coordinate with the Women’s Group, the Church’s Food Pantry, and Deacons in service opportunities,
—and we offer a periodic “moment for mission” as well as articles in the church newsletter.

The following are examples of what we do, not as a committee, but what you do as a congregation, and where you can become much more involved.

Greater Church Community Involvement

The Pittsburgh Presbytery has many mission agencies and efforts that require both resources and talent. For several years CCI members have been actively involved in the Pittsburgh International Partnership that promotes greater cooperation with our Presbyterian brothers and sisters in Malawi and the South Sudan. The congregation through CCI has also through the years donated to the General Mission fund of the Pittsburgh Presbytery, to Crestfield Camp & Conference Center and many other Presbytery Validated Mission organizations with shared values and missions toward the body and for the outreach of the gospel.

For instance, regionally, The Lazarus Fund provides short-term immediate resources to those in need of assistance to work toward wholeness in all areas of their lives.

Or, One Great Hour of Sharing, aka OGHS, provides Christian aid with a view to empower, provide water, supply food, and give relief from disasters. Click the map for more insights.

Likewise, The Blanket Fund, is given to help Presbyterian mission in ministry and mission, including supporting mission co-workers.

The Christmas Joy Offering, represents a way to support for retired2 ministers and future leaders of the denomination in times of need. For more information watch the 2016 Christmas Joy Offering Video from Presbyterian Mission Agency on Vimeo.

We also provide ecumenical support in Monroeville through our support for the Monroeville Interfaith Ministerium, and the Monroeville Mall Ministries.

Local Community Involvement

Annually, in conjunction with the Women’s Group, CCI sponsors a family shower for the East Liberty Family Health Center. An organization, along with others we support who provide help to those in need.

The East End Cooperative Ministry, another Presbytery Validated Mission and ecumenical endeavor we support, provides 90,000 meals per year, shelter to individuals and families, and the only all black hockey team in the USA. They have so many ways that we can help.

We, you, the congregation, support people locally through our church’s own emergency efforts. And there are many more, like Light of Life Rescue Mission, Angel’s Place, and Bethlehem Haven. Through the years we have supported these and other organizations that signify the love and outreach we are called to live by as disciples of Christ. We also support our fire fighters from Monroeville VFC #4 on a regular basis.

National Community Involvement

Through Brother’s Brother Foundation and the Pittsburgh Presbytery Shared Mission we support national outreach and care on an annual basis.

International Community Involvement

Since the inception of the International Partnership, CPCM has had an active partnership with Thundu Church CCAP in Blantyre Malawi. This is a dear relationship to us and in recent years we have had missionaries from both countries represent and visit the sister church. The trip is a time of learning, sharing, giving, and receiving the blessings of God as we celebrate in a most tangible way the family of God.

We also support, and have enjoyed speakers from Caribbean Youth Network and Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti who have blessed us in FaithWorks with the effects that their efforts have had on the youth in those poor areas of the world.

As a congregation, as members in particular, in the family of God, we have a responsibility, no a joy and privilege even more so, to serve, to be involved, to care for those in the family and those who also need God’s love. CCI is one missional minded area in CPCM where this is possible. These few areas of involvement are just a taste of how we shed the love of God abroad as a congregation and as representatives of the congregation. There is so much more, how do you want to be involved in our efforts to be involved in the community and the whole Church? Contact the church office, or come and see at the next CCI meeting, printed in the regular bulletin.


1 – Monroeville, PA added for clarity due to other local and national Cross Roads Presbyterian Churches, though it is not in the CPCM Administrative Manual Revised 2013 Edition.

2 – Retired when it comes to ministers, simply means no longer in a specific call. God gives the gift ministries for the perfection of the saints, and while the days of leading a congregation or other responsibilities may end, the gift is never retired, and ministers minister their entire lives.